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The patio addition I added to my backyard did not quite match the original concrete in my backyard. Ben and his crew were able to stain both, new and old concrete, so they matched perfectly!

- Aspen

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Cement Staining, both Acid and Water based stains.

Cement stains add to the quality of the look of the concrete. It is not a paint based product, though. Instead, it is a chemical reaction based product that is added to the top of the cement. Then, once the chemical reaction happens, the stain sets. It does not provide any peeling or chipping and will not fade over time.

Textured Interior and Exterior Floors - Overlays, Pattern Textures

Textured Overlays can be applied as thin as a single grain of sand or up to several inches thick without fear of delamination or typical product failure. Often times, the texture is knocked down with a trowel to slightly modify the appearance and feel of the finished application. Great for Remodel.

Epoxy Chip Floors

Chip flooring is an epoxy based, seamless flooring solution ideal for decorative floor coating applications. The   concrete coating system is a two component system consisting of 100% solids epoxy and decorative chips, creating a low maintenance floor coating system.

Crack Repair Treatment

Epoxy resins are a special chemical formulation capable of (when mixed with a curing agent) converting to a solid form that, among other uses, can be injected into cracks in your foundation walls resulting in the filling of those cracks. The solid form can be up to FOUR times as strong as the concrete! Epoxy injection can be effectively used to weld cracks in concrete and can extend the useful life of your concrete.

Re-sealing, Waterproof and Moisture Problems

Moisture intrusion is one of concrete's biggest enemies. When moisture creeps in, so can cracks, discoloration, delamination or even bigger problems. That "white stuff," or efflorescence, shows up when moisture has moved through the slab, carrying minerals with it. A white residue is left behind when the water evaporates. We can clean that up and solve your moisture problems.

And More....

Concrete staining is not just limited to flooring! We can revitalize all of your concrete structures.... BBQ Pits, Benches, Fountains, Statues, Counter Tops! img img